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Need an estimate for your event?

In order for The Smokin' Bull to give you the most accurate estimate for your event we will need to know the following criteria. Please note that estimates are just that, estimates. The figures you are given can fluctuate due to food cost, season, menu alterations, guest count and type of service required or requested.


Email Address*



Event Date*


Event address*

Event Type*

Actual Event Time*

Service Start Time*

Service End Time*

Number of Invitees*

Expected Guests*

Bar Style*

Service Style*

Which menu are you most interested in?*

Plate Choices

Dinner Napkin Choices

Service Style

Certain menus require specific service styles. For instance, any event with bar service will require full service.

Drop off:

Your menu items are prepared in advance at The Smokin' Bull and dropped of at your event at a specified time.

Line Service:

The Smokin' Bull prepares your meal and sets it up "buffet style". Servers will serve you as you walk through the line.

Full Service:

For full service we will prepare your food, set up and serve your guests at your event. Any event requesting a bar will be required to have full service.


Included items are serving dishes, utensils, appetizer, dinner and dessert plates, dining utensils and dinner napkins

Plates have an option of silver or gold rimmed or clear

Napkins options are black or white

Optional items:

Add on candles and/or votives for service table and/or dining tames, linens and chargers 

Bar Style

Review the following bar service options to select which you'd like to add to your catering experience.

Option 1: "We don't drink" 

Includes tea, lemonade, water

Self serve

Option 2: No Evil Spirits

Includes domestic beer and house wine

1 bartender

Option 3: The Basic

Includes Domestic beer, house wine and well liquor

1 bartender

Option 4: The Favorite

Includes Domestic beer, house wine, mid tier liquor and 1 signature drink

1 bartender

Option 5: Top Shelf

Includes Domestic or import beer, premium wine, top shelf liquor and 3 signature drinks

1 bartender

Bar services include printed menus, cups, beverage, napkins, cups, straws, basic mixers and garnishes. Our bartenders are well trained in mixology and safe service practices. The Smokin' Bull is licensed and insured for all catering services offered.


Wells - Taaka, Seagram's 7, Suava

Mid Tier - Tito's, Crown Royal, Altos

Top Shelf - Grey Goose, Maker's Mark, Patron


Domestic: Michelob Ultra, Coors light, Bud light, Miller lite

Import/Specialty: Corona, Shiner Bock, Modelo, Abita


House wines are Barefoot or Woodbridge Brand

Premium wines may be hand selected by client and priced accordingly

See current beer and wine list for selection. Items not listed on current menus can be ordered upon request.

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