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Southern Style BBQ Buffet


Smoked Sausage

Downhome sausage links, cut and slightly charred. Also available in spicy.

Burnt Ends

Smoky, sticky, chewy meat nuggets glazed in sauce


Fresh jalapeno, cream cheese and sausage wrapped in bacon.

Main Course

Pork Sliders

Tender smoked pork butt served with slaw and mini potato buns

Baby Back Ribs

Slow cooked, basted with BBQ, fall off the bone ribs

Chicken Wings

Full wings, seasoned with dry rub or tossed in BBQ


Slow cooked for hours, sliced and basted with BBQ


Apple Fritters

Crispy, flaky, pie crust with delicious apple filling

Mini Chocolate Pies

Our homemade chocolate filling in a mini tart shell topped with meringue or whipped cream.

Vanilla Blue Bell

Mini blue bell cups; perfect for summer BBQ's


Carnivore Beans

Baked beans loaded with smoked sausage, beef, onions, peppers and secret sauce

Classic Mac

Elbows and cheese like grandma used to make and topped with cheddar and toasted.


Fresh cut cabbage with classic slaw dressing or honey - Dijon dressing.


Sweet mini corn cob with real butter


Sister Schubert Rolls to soak up all that extra sauciness.

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